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About Us


GCIndustrial, LLC believes that no one has the right to put the safety of another person at risk. Everyone from management to field employees are required to pass a pre-employment drug test and are subject to random testing. All employees are given and required to read and sign the GCIndustrial Safety Handbook prior to entering the work zone. All Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) must adhere to industry standards. Our key criteria for safety are as follows:

  • Management commitment
  • Employee involvement
  • Accountability
  • Training and development
  • Recognition and celebration of success

About Us

Sheila Cash is the owner and President of GC Industrial, LLC. Although GCIndustrial, LLC was started in 2007, Tony Cash, Vice President, has over 25 years of experience and knowledge in industrial construction. GCIndustrial was started with the vision of providing quality workmanship and innovation in such industries as automotive, chemical, textile, pharmaceutical, petroleum, etc... GCI holds Unlimited License in General Contractors, Mechanical Contractors, HVAC, Boiler Contractor, and Masters Plumbers licenses for South Carolina and North Carolina. We also hold a Contractors license in Tennessee.

GCIndustrial is only as good as the craftsman we employ and through proper training, continued education and a commitment to safe practices, GCI will strive to be the industrial contractor of choice. In the beginning, management has agreed to provide the latest and safest equipment to ensure the project is done right. Whether you need to move a piece of equipment across the warehouse floor or across the country, GCI has an extensive fleet of trucks and equipment to accommodate your needs. We also hold a Contractors license in Tennessee.

“GC Industrial LLC’s goal is to be the contractor of choice by providing the highest level of safety, quality, productivity and value for our clients; promoting an environment that encourages long term employment, while making a reasonable profit to ensure a long term partnership with our valued clients.”